All Glory to the Beard

by Bhayanak Maut
All Glory to the Beard All Glory to the Beard All Glory to the Beard All Glory to the Beard
You’re here.
Here’s what we want you to do. Walk on over to your bathroom cabinet. If you’re at work or away, leave for home immediately. It is important that you pay attention and don’t ask questions. Once you get to the cabinet, take all the razors that you have, and discard them. Go on. We’ll wait.
Done? Good. Now, are you sitting down? Excellent. Listen carefully.
You carry the strain. You, like most of us carry the legacy of the old one. The one that light fears. The World Eater - The Beard. We’ve just helped you reserve a place for yourself by his putrefied throne. When the great one descends to consume the unbelievers- the shavers and MBA graduates, you will be by his side, basking in his excellence, laughing with him as the baby-faced heathens are broken in and broken. 
We are all strands of his legacy. Do not fight it. Let the old one sprout through your face. It is time for the world to know of his terror. So let it grow, and to complement your love for him, brand your chest with Bhayanak Maut's ‘All Glory To The Beard’ tee. 
Induct yourself. It costs only 599 rupees.
There is no other way. All paths lead to him. All Glory to the Beard.
This t-shirt will be screenprinted to perfection on a 100% cotton Black coloured Redwolf branded tee.
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Rs. 599

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Designer Bio:
Bhayanak Maut is Hindi for 'Terrible Death'. We embody the state of the world today. Its decay. Its crumbling pillars. Its disarray. And above all, its slow painful death. We've been together since 2003 and we play metal.

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