Unicorn Man

by Bhayanak Maut
Unicorn Man Unicorn Man Unicorn Man Unicorn Man Unicorn Man
How are you doing, kid? Let’s get down to it. 
There’s this part that I feel is pe-ee-er-fect for you. Just perfect. Yeah? What are you looking at? Don’t look at my horn. Or those shiny things on that table. Heh. 
So yeah this part. You'll play a mythological creature. It’s a fantasy film, you see. Very surreal. No CG, though. Only prosthetics. Well, some. All you need to do to get this part is put on this costume. Don’t mean to blow my own horn here, but isn’t it breathtaking? Would you look at it? Beautiful! And it’s yours! Try it on. I’ll explain what happens next once you do. 
This t-shirt will be screenprinted to perfection on a 100% cotton Black coloured Redwolf branded tee. Both Men's and Women's options are available for this campaign.
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Designer Bio:
Bhayanak Maut is Hindi for 'Terrible Death'. We embody the state of the world today. Its decay. Its crumbling pillars. Its disarray. And above all, its slow painful death. We've been together since 2003 and we play metal.

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