Devoid: Brahma Weapon

by Devoid
Devoid: Brahma Weapon Devoid: Brahma Weapon

"When the creator becomes the destroyer, planets are devoured by the wrath of a scorned Atomic God! I wanted to depict the power of the 'Brahma Weapon' via this design, Brahma himself as an old world god with his long lustrous beard decorated by holy knots and skulls claimed from the elemental forces of nature and mere humans. 

His three heads are crowned by bolt throwing horned skulls, of other slain Gods that stood in his way and he holds the sceptres of the Atomic Eye via which the nuclear bomb created on his forehead/mind's eye is controlled. He sits on an ornamental throne of the Lotus and is framed by bolt spitting swans. In its entirety depicting the process of creation and destruction.
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This t-shirt will be screenprinted to perfection on a 100% cotton Black coloured Redwolf branded tee.
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Devoid is a metal band based in Mumbai,India. This t shirt is a visual representation of a song from their Ep titled 'The Invasion', the track is called Bramha Weapon'
You can check out their music video here >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJwMQzwF3do

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