Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt (2016)

by Control Alt Delete
Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt (2016) Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt (2016) Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt (2016) Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt (2016)

Get the reprint of the Control ALT Delete 4.0 official gig tee right here!

This design by Namaah Kumar and Rishu Singh is printed in yellow on a black 100% cotton Redwolf branded tee!
Follow the Control Alt Delete initiative here: https://www.facebook.com/ctrlaltdel8
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Rs. 499

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Designer Bio:
Control ALT Delete is a crowd funded movement which involves the whole ecosystem of the independent music scenario in the country to deliver a gig utilizing everyone's strengths and contributions. It aims to make everyone right from the fan to the artist to the merch retailer, a stakeholder in the gig.

Visit our website www.controlaltdelete.in to check out our past editions.

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