FAQ - Buyers

Will I be charged for pre-ordering a T-shirt?

You will be charged only if the campaign is successful and we print/ship out the tees. We authorize a payment for the MRP of the tee the moment you place your order so the amount is debited from your card but it is simply held by your bank and will be credited back to your account in case the campaign fails to meet it’s goal. You can cancel your order at any time by going to your order history and filling out the return form for it.

How long after the campaign ends will my T-shirt be delivered?

You can expect your order to reach you in 15-20 days after the end of the campaign.

Can you ship out my order before the campaign ends?

No. All t-shirts are printed only after the campaign is successfully over.

Are there any shipping charges?

Shipping is free of cost within India.

What happens if a campaign has reached its goal?
No problem! You can keep buying t-shirts until the campaign duration ends - there is no upper limit for sales. The goal is only a minimum number of sales that are required for a campaign to be successful.
If the campaign doesn't reach its sales goal, will I still be charged?

We will check the campaign sales report on the 11th day of the campaign and in case the minimum goal set is not met, we will cancel the payment authorization and your amount will be fully refunded by your bank within 2-3 working days.

Can I add products from multiple campaigns to my order?

No, each order can only have products from a single campaign. If you want to buy products from other campaigns as well, you will have to do so by placing new orders.
To sum it up, only 1 campaign’s products are allowed per order. You can have multiple sizes/styles of that product in your order.

Can you offer Cash on Delivery as an option?

No, the site works on pre-orders so Cash on Delivery doesn't fit into the model. We only print and ship out what is sold, so you will have to order it online.