by Karthik Krishnan
RidiculouslyMediocrePhotography RidiculouslyMediocrePhotography RidiculouslyMediocrePhotography RidiculouslyMediocrePhotography

The Potato is a symbol – a mark of disdain against those who believe that owning a DSLR camera automatically makes them profound experts in photography.

If you take pride in scoffing at such miserable fools who romanticize photographic works of fart, then this official Ridiculously Mediocre Photography T-shirt is destined for your anatomy.

Wear it with pride while you mock all those dimwits who own "First Name Last Name Photography" pages riddled with woeful atrocities bearing moronic watermarks, because everyone’s out to steal their masterpieces.

Say yes to The Potato. And no to peddlers of bad photography.

You can visit The Potato’s hallowed abode here: http://www.facebook.com/RidiculouslyMediocrePhotography

This t-shirt will be screenprinted to perfection on a black, 100% cotton Redwolf branded tee.

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I'm an amateur photographer who is convinced he's of the world class variety. My aim is to inflict my awesome photography onto all my friends & well-wishers who know better than to belittle my talents. :)

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