RD 350 - The 2 Stroke Music Machine

by Preran - Designs For SoundAwake
RD 350  - The 2 Stroke Music Machine RD 350  - The 2 Stroke Music Machine RD 350  - The 2 Stroke Music Machine
We being Music lovers , love bikes like the legendary RD 350. This design is a Tribute to the Legendary Yamaha RD 350 and how we see RD 350 from a music Lover’s POV.
Truly – A 2 Stroke Music Machine.

This t-shirt will be screenprinted to perfection on a Black, 100% cotton Redwolf branded tee.

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Preran Rai is a talented graphic designer, a metal head, and. Foodie. Works for Sound Awake, India. Loves to come up with goofy designs and cheeky concepts.

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