Who can use MakeMyMerch?

makemymerch is the perfect platform for anybody with a great design! You can start selling merchandise without any of the hassles of upfront costs, production, shipping or inventory management. And you get paid!
No inventory, no costs.
Scale to any size.

Indie Artists

If you have some great designs and never quite knew how to get them out into the real world, makemymerch is the perfect platform to help you to make that happen.


Get t-shirts for sale for your fans right away without worrying about costs, dead stock, shipping or returns. It could be 20 or a 1000, we can scale up to any size.


Build awareness about your cause and  raise funds! Since our entire platform is crowdfunded and revolves around pre-orders, you never have to worry about costs or inventory management.

Online communities

Got a popular blog, forum or a Facebook community? T-shirts are a great way to share your interests with the world and to make some extra cash for all the hard work you put in.

Schools and Colleges

Get T-shirts made for your Class, School or College customized with your school logos. Put your tee up for sale right away without worrying about sizing or payments.